José Alberto Lobos Sanhueza

user interface designer - graphic designer - prototyper

Graphic and UI designer, with more than 10 years of experience in companies in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, education, banking, among others. He has worked in the areas of user interface design, digital graphic design and web prototyping, using mainly Adobe suite, Illustrator, XD, Figma and HTML/CSS.

Specialized in the field of user interfaces and experience, with a focus on the application of knowledge of prototyping, for a correct communication between design and development. As a graphic designer, he has experience and skills coupled with modern principles, providing a vision that manages to combine culture, technology and personality.

Career path

User interface design and web prototyping for various projects and clients in the areas of health, banking, telecommunications, services, among others. UI design with desktop and mobile approach, under agile standards and methodologies. As a prototyper, I participated in projects creating mockups in HTML/CSS and various development frameworks.

  • Design of flows, wireframes, mockups and components of/for design systems, desktop and mobile
  • HTML5/CSS3 prototyping and component building
  • Projects for clients such as Metrogas, Derco, Clínica Alemana, Santander, among others.

Highlight: Unify and refresh the visual appearance and user experience of the Metrogas Help Center, at client and administrator level, facilitating the overall experience, in a short time.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Material Design, Bootstrap, Angular, Visual Studio Code, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Illustrator.

More projects completed here (URL)

Graphic design specialized in visual identities, logos, typographic design and music art. Web design with WordPress.

  • Graphic design with focus on visual branding
  • Digital advertising design
  • Typography design and selling

Highlight: Providing attractive and functional visual branding to various clients, with attention to minimalism and typography.
Create design for regional music band, allowing them to make their music known and elevating their visual presence.

Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Glyphs Mini, WordPress, SEO, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere, Midjourney.

Digital graphic design and print advertising in general, creation of logos and graphic brands, posters and publications for RRSS about events, lectures and other various activities of the faculty. Development and maintenance of WordPress websites.

Highlight: Drawing the roadmap and preparation of material for a renewal of the faculty’s website.

Technologies: Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop), WordPress, Google Forms.

Prototyping of HTML/CSS structures, desktop and mobile, under W3C standards, oriented to programming and development environments.

Highlight: Work together with developers and prototypers in Spain, for the creation of government websites, speeding up the development work thanks to a correct layout elaborated by the local team in Temuco.

Technologies: Eclipse, Notepad++, other code editors. XHTML/CSS2, HTML, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator.

Teaching in Hardware Workshop and Software Workshop for the Computer and Tourism careers of the training center, highlighting the work done prior to the end of the semester, with an improvement in theoretical and practical understanding.

Highlight: Highlight the work carried out prior to the end of the semester with an improvement in the students’ understanding of the subjects, supported by practical instruction and ending the semester with outstanding students in their learning.

Technologies: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows XP, Apple MacOS.


International Dubbing and Voiceover / Nov – Dic 2023
ProVoz Chile EIRL
Training of voice actors with high quality standards in International Dubbing and Voiceover, for works in audiobooks, animations, live action, documentaries, podcasts, among others. –> Watch demo.

High level computer techinician / 2004 – 2008
CFT Osorno, Temuco headquarters
Frontend programming, HTML/CSS prototyping, assembly and cleaning of hardware, operating systems and software.

Self-taught in Graphic Design / 2006 – 2010
Design theory, color psychology, creative processes, visual grammar, typography, chromatics.

Graphic Design (unfinished) / 2003
Duoc UC, Concepción.

online courses
  • User Experience / Educación IT – 2022
  • Content Creation / Doméstika – 2020
  • User Interface / Educación IT – 2020
  • Introduction to UX/UI / Platzi – 2019
  • UI Design / Platzi – 2019
  • Material Design / Platzi – 2019
  • Angular and React / NTT DATA – 2019
  • Audiovisual Edition / Doméstika – 2018
  • English ‒ advanced level, oral and written (B2)
  • Spanish ‒ native, oral and written
additional info


  • Adobe Illustrator – Advanced
  • Adobe XD – Advanced
  • Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
  • Figma – Intermediate
  • Sketch – Intermediate
  • Invision – Intermediate
  • WordPress – Intermediate
  • Glyphs Mini – Advanced
  • Google Analytics
  • Visual Studio Code
  • WordPress – Intermediate
  • MS Office – Intermediate
  • MS Windows – Intermediate
  • Apple macOS – Intermediate


  • HTML5 – Advanced
  • CSS3 – Advanced
  • SASS – Intermediate
  • GIT – Intermediate
  • Angular
  • Angular Material
  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • Design Systems
  • User Centered Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Accesibility
  • Agile Methodology
  • Artificial Intelligence (Midjourney)


  • Refugio Vida Nueva ‒ social volunteering with children 
         and adolescents with disabilities
  • NGO Familia Real ‒ social volunteering with children and
         adolescents with vulnerable rights
  • Music ‒ urban artist (hip-hop) –> Spotify
  • Dubbing, Voiceover and Theater ‒ International and
         national dubbing. Puppet handling and voice-over
  • Interests in PhilosophyAestheticsArt History and
         writing about music, in a personal blog.