End User License Agreement (EULA)

The terms of this agreement are accepted once the provided font files have been received, purchased, downloaded, installed, used, or otherwise handled. The EULA replaces any kind of proposals or agreements on the licensing of the provided font files with B85 – Beraka Studio in the past. If the terms are not accepted, downloading, installing, using, or otherwise handling our fonts are not allowed. Any breach of the terms of this agreement shall be cause for termination. If one is found to be using the provided fonts illegally, legal action will be undertaken. The right to update our license agreement at any time without prior consent or notice is reserved.

The intellectual property of the type design is owned by José Lobos Sanhueza (B85 – Beraka Studio). The purchase of a license makes the buyer a licensed user of the fonts and not an owner. This EULA only grants the rights to use the provided fonts. All other rights are owned and retained by José Lobos Sanhueza (B85 – Beraka Studio).

The attained license grants the buyer non-exclusive rights to use the fonts within specified boundaries. It is not an agreement for sale, sub-­licencing, lending, or leasing of the fonts, their design, or any portion of it to any third party.

The usage of the fonts is restricted in respect to a defined area (desktop, web, etc.). For each area of usage, a corresponding licensing option is provided which defines the allowances and restrictions further. Details on the licensing options can be found below.

The fonts may only be used on a certain number of PCs (Desktop License), for a certain number of page views on a specified web-domain (Web License), or a certain number of downloads of a specified program (App License).

Multiple attained licenses for the same license holder are cumulative and do not supersede each other, meaning that the respective numbers of these licenses do add up.

The agreed-upon area of usage (desktop, web, app, etc.) as well as the agreed-upon number of PCs, page views, downloads, etc., that the provided fonts may be used on/for and any other details that may be relevant (such as the web-domain or the title of the application), will be specified in the corresponding invoice provided when the license is purchased. If a specified number of PCs, page views, downloads, etc. happens to be missing on the invoice, the smallest numbers according to the tables on the next page are in effect.

The provided fonts are allowed to be passed onto a prepress service or printer for output only. Contractors are not allowed to actively create new documents with fonts that have been passed on for output only. After having created the intended output, the contractor has to delete the fonts so that any illegal usage is made impossible.

Any kind of changes of the fonts such as converting, altering, or renaming the font files is not allowed. Opening the provided font files in any other software than desktop publishing programs is prohibited. If there is an interest in customizing the provided fonts, one is invited to contact B85 to discuss said interest as a commission of a bespoke typeface.

One is allowed to purchase licenses from us for their client under the following conditions: The client must be specified as the license holder when purchasing. One has to ensure that their client has read, understood and accepted this EULA. One is not allowed to invoice the license to their client at a price different from the one specified in the original invoice. A copy of said original invoice has to be provided to the client.

The use of our fonts for any kind of organized political campaign, event, or interest group requires a written agreement by B85. B85 has the right to not issue such an agreement which in consequence prohibits any further use of the fonts, even if an otherwise valid license is already in place.

Although every effort has been taken to check our fonts for viruses or any other kind of malfunction, we do not take responsibility for damage caused to a user’s hardware, software, or loss of income that may have occurred as a result of receiving, downloading, installing, using, or otherwise handling the provided fonts.


The licensee has to indemnify B85 from and against damages and costs arising out of third-party claims or the licensee’s breach of its obligations under this agreement.

Licensing options

Desktop use, 1 seat, 1 computer max.
Only uppercase and/or lowercase letters

Printed designs and flatten digital images (no embedding) for non-commercial projects

  • For student projects or just for fun
  • To try the font or to pitch a design to a client (must upgrade to the proper license if approved)
  • For non-profit orgs upon prior validation (contact me for more info)

This license doesn’t work for commercial purposes such as client projects you get compensated for, printed/digital material you want to sell, or the promotion of a product/service/business. For this type of use please look into the commercial licenses.

The licensee is obliged to test the fonts only in a protected local and therefore offline computer environment. The exclusive allowance for testing purposes granted with the Free for Personal Use License implies consequently that the provided fonts are strictly forbidden to be used in any kind of final and/or published project, may it be personal or commercial. The only exception are students who are allowed to use the fonts for student projects and may publish those as long as these student projects remain non-commercial. If possible, the name of the font used as well as its designer B85 – Beraka Studio has to be credited appropriately.

Desktop use, 1 seat, 3 devices

The Desktop Commercial License allows font files to be installed on personal computers belonging to the licensee and covers basic print, digital, and social media design, usage in logos, and motion graphics. Includes the OTF and TTF font.

  • Uppercase & lowercase characters (depending on the font)
  • Punctuation marks
  • Ligatures (depending on the font)
  • Free updates

Printed designs and flatten digital images (no embedding) for commercial projects.

  • For small businesses and independent designers
  • For printed material up to 5000 copies

The Desktop Commercial License permits the usage of the provided font files on no more than three computers. The Desktop License can be adjusted so that the licensee is allowed to install the font files onto a higher number of personal computers (PCs). In these cases, the adjusted number is defined in the corresponding invoice.

Web use. Singular domain.

The Web License allows font files to be embedded via self-­hosting into a single website and only needs to be upgraded once traffic increases. The basic license may be used for no more than one specified web-domain with up to 10k monthly page views and covers CSS @font-face declarations, allowing for live type to be viewed on a website. It includes WOFF & WOFF2 font files. One license per domain/server needed.

  • Uppercase & lowercase characters (depending on the font)
  • Punctuation marks
  • Ligatures (depending on the font)
  • Free updates
  • For mass printed production, projects with international reach
  • For websites with up to 10k monthly views and apps/softwares with up to 10k downloads (reach out if more needed)

By purchasing and downloading this font for embedding purposes, you agree to make sure the font files are inaccessible to your end users.

Custom licenses can be provided for any kind of intended usage of the font files that is not covered by the licenses mentioned in this document.

Such may include an exclusive allowance to use the provided font software in one or all areas, the usage of a font for broadcasting purposes, streaming platforms, epub embedding, NFTs, etc. An appropriate license will be specified on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re not sure which license to get for your project please contact me.

The defined base price for a Desktop Commercial License scales up according to the following table:

PC 1 5 10 50 100 500
Price x1 x3 x5 x15 x25 x75

And for a Web Commercial Licenses scale up according to the following table:

Page Views 10k 50k 100k 500k 1m 5m
Price x1 x3 x5 x15 x25 x75

Version 1.1, january 2023